Help yourself... it's helpful!

The best things in life are... wait for it... still waiting? Good. The answer is: helpful! Horribly Human is all about creating and sharing spectacular stuff that actually works for wellness! So help yourself to a healthy helping of these fabulous, fun resources designed by and for anyone who's fighting the good fight against mental illness. We love you and stuff!


Unleash the awesome! 


Want some serious strategies for managing your mental health from someone who deals with it daily? Download 63 pages of awesome and get ready to read 7 Seriously Spectacular Strategies You Need to Thrive With Mental Illness!


Ain't got time for eBooks? Download the free audiobook version and listen wherever you are! Be prepared, however, to enjoy a little lighthearted laughter while you pick up some seriously spectacular strategies! 


Become a goal-getter when you practice prioritizing your mental health on a daily basis! This simple sheet will help you put a plan into action to seize each day no matter the obstacles you're facing. 


Anxiety attacking? Kick back and calm it down with this on-the-go worksheet that will teach your brain how to talk itself out of feeling fearful! The more you do it, the more it becomes a healthy habit.


Scroll through for some simple strategies on the go!


We're always workin' on more wellness resources so make sure you stalk us like an ex-boyfriend! 

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