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Here at Horribly Human we’re on a mission to take mental health management to the next level and there’s only one way we’re gonna do that: With your support! So if you wanna do some do-goodin’ check out the super cool ways you can contribute to helping us grow. 


giving is living!

From writing a book to producing a podcast, we have all kinds of ways we want to create a community where anyone living with mental illness can come together to learn from and lean on each other in order to go from simply surviving to totally thriving! The more resources we have, the more resources we can create, and in our neck of the woods we call that a win. Support our mission when you donate dinero today!

Sharing is caring!

We need your help to get the word out! No, we don't want you to grab a bullhorn, climb the Empire State Building, and scream about how awesome Horribly Human is to unsuspecting New Yorkers. But we do need you to share us with friends, family, and basically anyone you want to give a little love and laughter to! Follow us on social media, join our newsletter, and for the love of mental wellness, make the most of every day you've got!



Talk it out!

What topics would you like us to talk about? What strategies have helped you to keep on keepin' on? How has Horribly Human managed to tickle your funny bone and upped your mental wellness game? We get better when you get better, so let us know how we can help more people like you to do better! 

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