Horribly Human

Living with mental illness doesn't mean we're broken.

We're just Horribly Human.


My gift to you! 

Fun, funny, and filled with the F word, snag your FREE copy of my book (not just a chapter.. the whole thing!) and start learning about 17 painstaking years worth of strategies I've collected to go from surviving to thriving with mental illness! 


“If you’ve ever popped a lucky penny in your pocket, betting on a better day, then you’re my kind of hopeful.” 


The Blog

Unspeakably delightful, Horribly Human is all about thriving while surviving with mental illness! From depression & anxiety to OCD & BPD, get ready to have your socks knocked off.. if you're wearing any that is!

the mission

Didn't you hear? It's not just about getting better, it's helping the rest of this wild world to get better too. So put your helpful pants on and get ready to make a difference!

the tools

Are you ready to see all kinds of awesome?! Check out some simple, successful strategies and tools to help you live each day like you deserve it. And, let's be clear, you do!


Hot off the presses…


So here's how it is...

I like you. I’ve always liked you. You’re fun, cool, complicated, and completely complex. And for a long time I wanted you to like me too. In fact, most of my life I’ve been so afraid that you wouldn’t like me that I did all kinds of things - crazy things - to try to make sure that I fit in so well with you that I’d never feel alone. 

I bought things I thought you’d like, I said things I knew you’d agree with, and when it came to my voice, well, I held it close to my chest, swallowed and held back so hard you didn’t know it was there.

One morning I woke up and realized that I liked you so much I’d forgotten to like me too. Oops! Big misstep that one. So I spent the next few years working on me, and while some of it failed miserably, (we’re not going to talk about my extreme Oreo addiction but boy, those were the days!) I managed to climb out the other side and see something in the mirror that looked a lot less like you and a hell of a lot more like me. And guess what? I liked it. No, loved it!

Now I’m gonna say it, the thing I’ve kept to myself for a long, long time because I was so afraid you'd judge me. Are you ready? Buckle up baby because here it is: I live with mental illness. Ahhhhhh omg omg so scary right?! I live with a large helping of Major Depressive Disorder, a dash of Anxiety Disorder, and my brain cells decided to throw in a sprinkle of Panic Disorder because, well, three's company!

As a human, I’m a lot of things; passionate writer, stumbling mother, lover of literature, podcast creator (working on my next one heck yeah!), and someone who wants to make this thing called life a little less lonely for those of us who know that the struggle is real. 

Welcome to Horribly Human, a small patch of the universe where I'm dedicated to bringing you - wonderful, lovable you - a place where you can laugh, cry, and learn all about our befuddled brains. And, believe it or not, we're going to thrive with our illnesses, not in spite of them. (You go Glen Coco, you go!)

So sit back, relax, and stay awhile!